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Following the success of the chocolate shop, in October 2009 the team at Cocomaya expanded its repertoire to offer artisan baking and have gathered a huge and loyal following.

The bakery uses only the best ingredients, many organic, to create more than 70 kinds of bread and pastry including: Artisan breads; Seasonal fruit tarts; Vienna-style pastries; Savoury biscuits and handmade cakes as well as sorbets, seasonal salads, organic Cocomaya granola & yoghurt with honey, and more traditional items such as Pain Rustique and French Brioche.

The list also includes a number of nut, dairy and wheat free items. Afternoon tea is a highlight at Cocomaya with visitors being able to choose from the bakery's beautiful and extensive selection of sandwiches, cakes and teas rounded off with a small teaser of the offerings in the chocolate shop. For this, there is seating both in and outside Cocomaya.Afternoon Tea is £25 per person and should be booked at least one day in advance by calling (10am-3pm).

New to the bakery is our outside catering service for breakfasts, lunches, brunches, teas, or whatever your heart desires including canapés, wedding cakes, birthday cakes or Alice in Wonderland tea parties!